Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Sorry for the delay, it has been a sad and hectric few days, on Friday 19th I had my physio appointment and my mum wanted to come with me to make sure everything was okay, and so i didn't lie and say it was good news when really it wasn't going to be, unfortunatly it was bad news and he told me to go home and rest :( Apparently the damage is not yet done and if i carried on walking, apart from excrutiating pain I would also suffer in the long run, which is not really what we wanted, so after A LOT of tears and decision making (even made mum and nan cry) we decided that I should go home and sort my life out, but both of us agreed that this should not stop both of us walking so we wanted Becks to carry on, however, not on her own so poor Hayley (Beck's sister we were staying with in Taunton) has been roped in to walking, Hayley is using my kit so when I came home all I had to show for 9 weeks on the road was a carrier bag full of rubbish and a stupid limp (plus lost a stone!) I have been speaking to Becks and Hayley twice a day to see how their doing, by the sounds of it they are doing really well and have been having 17 and 19 mile days, I think Hayley had a bit of a sketchy moment in a cow field aswell! But they are both doing so well! Hopefully i will be off crutches and fit asap so can join Becks and walk through the finsih line (then get the train back up to Stratford to walk the chunk i missed out!) I've now called myself logistical support and will be doing more fundraising back in Torquay with hopefully cake sales in Tesco to raise some more funds, please keep sponsering! Becks said in return for entertaining blog, you should sponser us! Nothing is free in this world! 

I'll get an update tonight of how they are doing and hopefully update on here :)

Jade X

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