Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day 68- Broadway to Cheltenham

Another early morning! Got up at 7 and were walking again by 8:20. It was a really nice morning and the sun was shining, it looked like it was going to be a hot day! The day started off with a lovely steep hill so we were soon nice and sweaty! The path was really nice and so far i have been very impressed with the Cotswold Way, it has been very well signposted....unlike the Pennine Way! Hayley wasn't feeling too good this morning which was a bit of a worry. She was very tired because she had a rubbish couple of nights sleep and also she felt sick and hadn't been able to eat much the past couple of days....not good! Fortunately she was feeling better later in the day!

Today we were on our way to a place called Winchcome and we were on our way through some fields when we reached a gate that had a sign saying "Beware Bull"....great! I did think maybe i should hide this from H but she spotted it a mile off. As we couldn't see anything in the field we did carry on through although H was on edge and walking right up to the fence. We were right near the end of the field when we saw them, huddled around the gate! They had a whole field yet were sat right where we wanted to go! It wasn't worth even suggesting carrying on so we turned around and hoped to find another way through. We spotted a gate through the neighbouring field and were wondering whether this would take us where we wanted to go when an old couple appeared on the other side. They had obviously just done the same thing as us so we went through that way instead....cows and bull averted!

In Winchcombe we spotted a co-op and popped in then found a carpark with toilets where we sat in the sun and snacked. It was so hot! From Winchcome we decided it would be easier to follow the road down into Prestbury and then on through Cheltenham. The walk through Cheltenham was quite long and we were both tired but we took it slow and had lots of breaks. We weren't sure where we were at one point in Cheltenham but we used the GPS which i now love and found we were exactly where we wanted to be but just needed to get up on the old railway line. We walked along here to the station where there was another coop. I popped in here whilst H waited outisde with the bags and then i went off into the station in search of toilets! I was wandering around the station for ages before i found them, must have clocked up an extra mile!

From the station it wasn't too long a walk to the campsite. The campsite was very nice and we enjoyed having toilets and a shower! There was a really cool laundry room that was full of random chairs so after dinner and showers we went and sat in their for the evening to charge phones, read and catch up on diary writing. I shotgunned the deck chair which was so cosy, i wanted to steal it and carry it with me!

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